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All the groups and pages listed below have been recommended by parent carers of children with additional needs or disabilities.  

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North Lancashire Directions Group

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Information and updates on local support groups around Lancaster,Morecambe, Heysham and surrounding areas. As well as national news updates from the National Autistic Society, Contact a Family and ther recognised charities. Upcoing course updates for parent carers added when information becomes available.

Parents and children with disabilities Morecambe PCDS

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"This group is to share experiences and hopefully help and support other people who are trying to do their best at raising a child with any disability and also to meet other parents so we all can share advice and use this group to let out our concerns and hopefully we can all help each other.......this group is a Hate and Discrimination free zone and will NOT tolerate any form of any Hate or Bullying of any kind towards any members." Taken from the page.

The Autism Book Shelf

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"Our goal is to provide parents/carers/teachers new to autism with an easy to use guide to the best books on autism and i...
ts related disorders. spread awareness and a little more understanding into the autisic world,might be helpfull to mums dads and carers,staff in schools and nurserys and most importantly newly dignosed childrens parents...could u please take a look.
 If we have any other budding Authors out there please post on the wall" Taken from the page.


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ASPiA is a network for families of children and adults with additional needs in Rossendale to connect and share!

Our w...
ebsite has the latest what's on info
goto or call us 078 999 600 61 x

We are here to support one another with local information and support for families of children with special needs, from parents who have had similar experiences.

NEW FOR 2012 - We are organisaing subsidised events, got an idea? Send us a message!

We are a funded, not for profit group voluntarily run by parents of children with additional needs. If you would like to join or volunteer for any projects please get in touch.


Lego Club

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"A group for children under 19 with additional needs and their families using lego to socialise, form friendships and have fun. Every Thursday Term time only 4.30pm-7pm at The Trimpell Cricket club in Morecambe..

Developmental Coordination Disorder UK Support Group (Dyspraxia)

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There isn't much help or support for parents of a child or adults with Developmental Coordination Disorder (Dyspraxia).....
It can also included for some a wide spectrum disability with various other health problems and disabilities thrown into it.

I have a child with D.C.D and would love to support other parents who have children with same diagnosis as my child. This is why I have created this group in the hope it brings parents together online to support each other.

Any information or advice given is of a personal experience and does not constitute professional advice.

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