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My opinion on the current President in the Oval Office

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

My opinion on the current Commander in Chief in America (please don’t storm my home CIA)

Now to make things clear, I am just writing my opinion and if you support him then that’s fine you do you and please don’t take this personally. Please. OKAY, now that I’ve settled that, time to speak my thoughts. Even though I don’t agree with President Trump and his opinions, I will still respect his position as president and the office he holds. Every time President Trump does something stupid or makes a mistake, he always goes to the “I had a friend tell me that this is really good” excuse as if he had an actual scientist tell him that a malaria drug could work against Covid-19. Here’s him saying that he took it and of course said “I’ve heard a lot of good story’s and a lot of good things about it” he has said that for multiple things at this point that it’s practically a meme. Anyway, here’s the clip he takes it even though it could have serious side effects for vulnerable patients and could cause some health problems and yet apparently the brave Doctors take this according to him (I don’t know if they actually take it or not but I kind of doubt it, if I’m wrong then feel free to correct me, anyway MOVING ON!!!) he was also nearly impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of congress because he wrongfully solicited Ukrainian authorities that they would influence the 2020 presidential election. President Trump also constantly ignores the press and always says “fake news” or “uh I think you’re a terrible reporter” which isn’t only rude to them but also a bit concerning because even though people aren’t a fan of the press, they should know that they don’t do it to be liked, they do it to find answers for the people and find stories and the truth behind things. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. There’s no point in arguing over other people’s opinions because they have a right to disagree with others.

A few days ago, during the ongoing BLM protests in America, President Trump stood in front of a church and held a Bible up in the air, and to some people the way he held the bible was similar to the way Adolf Hitler held the bible. Though the people who said that apologised for implying that President Trump was similar to the same man who killed 6 million innocent people and committed war crimes on a daily basis, it still hasn’t stopped people from comparing him to the dictator. I myself don’t see him as a dictator, I just really doubt his ability to keep the American people confident in him and to keep calm in this difficult time period. Plus, some people compare him to a dictator because of his extreme opinions on things. I also don’t really see him as a presidential figure because I haven’t really heard anything positive about his time as President. I haven’t heard anything about him making any major differences for his country and beyond. I haven’t really heard him speak in a proactive way or a presidential way. Now I know I don’t have a vote in his presidency but there are many others who CAN and should vote. In the future when President Trump has to be either voted in or out of the office, the people who disagree HAVE to vote because if they want to see change and they talk about the change they want, then ACTUALLY act on your words and do what you need to do, because if you crave that change then BE that change, otherwise you don’t have a say in the matter. I hope when it’s my turn to vote, I hope I vote for the right person to lead this country. So many people choose not to vote. I don’t understand that. If you have a chance to vote, do it.

And that’s it, and again if I’ve said anything rude or offensive, I’m really sorry I don’t want to offend people, I just want to share my thoughts and opinions on things. Anyway, that’s all for now so goodbye and have a nice day 👋

And please don’t raid my house CIA, please?


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