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Our aim

To provide accessible, relevant information to parents and carers of children

with additional needs or disabilities

in the North Lancashire area

What we do
  • We provide up to date information on support groups and relevant information in the area that could benefit families and advertise these via social media, regular e-newsletters and through school support staff.

  • We will try to point you in the right direction for services and providers that might be able to meet your needs. 

  • The advice we give is based on our own personal experiences and as such will only be given if felt necessary and appropriate. It is up to the individual whether they take the advice given.

  • We organise information / fun days once a year in North Lancashire in collaboration with local and national providers that showcase what is on offer to families in the area. A great opportunity to meet other families in same or similar situations whilst the kids try out sports and activities that run in the area. There will also be charities and local providers from the local area that can offer services, advice and support to you and your family.

  • We provide a voice for parent carers at strategic level with the Clinical Commissioners and are helping to change, for the better, the way services are delivered locally for families.


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