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The PDA Society

offers the following courses and can also deliver bespoke courses – please email training@pdasociety.org.uk for further information or to make an enquiry.

Please note that the PDA Society courses are delivered by training facilitators with valuable first-hand experiences of living and working with PDA.

For details of current courses please see https://www.pdasociety.org.uk/events/category/training/pda-society-organised/

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Reachout ASC 

Lynn McCann heads a team of two specialist teachers, delivering high quality advice and training to schools and families working across Lancashire, South Cumbria and occasionally further afield, they are able to meet the needs of individual pupils and schools.  They provide webinars as well as online courses for people to access at their own pace.  Lynn also delivers training on 2 other portals. Schudio TV and Isabella Trust  (see below)           

Lynn has produced a series of online courses and has linked up with Schudio to create a platform for people to subscribe monthly to access it. The platform is called "Getting it right" 

Titles include:

  • Pathological Demand Avoidance (coming soon)

Please email lynnmccann@reachoutasc.com

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Sunshine Support

A range of webinars to join and watch prices from £15 for parents and £25 for professionals with CPD cert. 

 Current offer includes:

  • What is Pathological Demand Avoidance? How can I help my child who has a PDA profile? (Available until 30th June 2020)


Please book via https://www.sunshine-support.org/events

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