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A series of free virtual workshops as a way of delivering their family support services during these challenging times. 

  • Money Matters An over view of benefits, DLA, Carers Allowance, grants available, discounts on utilities, leisure, discounts for carers. Accessing services for support with applications. Local information and helplines. Dispelling myths around benefits.     

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DLA Form Advice

DLA forms can look very daunting at first but its important to remember that the person assessing your claim, doesn't know your child and won't assume that they react in a typical way to people and things around them.

  • In order to make sure you include all the information you need to, it helps to keep a diary for a week or 2 before you start to fill it in.

  • You DO NOT need a diagnosis to make a claim for DLA. It helps, but it's not necessary. If your child's needs mean they need support above the support that typical children need, you can make a claim. 

  • Phone the helpline for a form for a child under 16 years old  0800 121 4600 If your claim is successful, any payments will be backdated to the first date you rang for the forms. 

  • When filling it in, include examples of previous behaviours and what support your child needs in those situations. 

  • Only send photocopies of SUPPORTIVE reports. Any reports you do send must support your claim. You can include clinic notes, photocopies of prescriptions, specialist reports, nursery / school reports, EHCP, SEN Support, IEP's IBP's. 

  • Statement from someone who knows your child. If you are sending other supporting evidence, this isn't necessary but if you feel the opinion of someone who knows your child well can support your claim, it can help. 

  • Remember the length of your award will depend on lots of factors. If you are awarded DLA, the letter you get telling you will also tell you how long you will receive payments for. Approximately 6 months before the end of your claim, you will be sent renewal forms. 

  • Take pictures of / photocopy your form once you've completed it. This can be especially helpful if you are successful then need to renew your claim at any point. 

  • Once you have submitted your claim, it can take a few weeks to receive a decision. You may receive a text or letter to confirm they have received your claim pack. 

  • If successful, you may receive a payment into the bank account you sent details for, before you receive a letter stating your level and length of award. 

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