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Online Training 

Lancashire SENDIAS

Please click the logos below to visit the provider webpages


Cygnets Autism Programme 

Online version of the Cygnets Core programme for parents and carers of children aged 5-19 with a diagnosis of Autism living in the Morecambe Bay area. Currently enrolling parents for

  • Online Core Programme. (Free. Funded by CCG) 6 weekly with weekly video call sessions, phone and email support.

Please email Lucy Ellis at 

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reachout asc logo.jpeg

Trinity Snap (Trinity Special Needs Advice Partnership)

A special needs advisor delivering courses and support groups to support parent carers of children and young people with SEND in Lancashire. Currently enrolling parents for  

  • Moving Up to High School in September (Free to access, commissioned by Lancashire SENDIAS)

  • Return To School Programme (Free to access, commissioned by Lancashire SENDIAS)

Please email Joan Bill at ​

Reachout ASC 

Lynn McCann heads a team of two specialist teachers, delivering high quality advice and training to schools and families working across Lancashire, South Cumbria and occasionally further afield, they are able to meet the needs of individual pupils and schools.  They provide webinars as well as online courses for people to access at their own pace.  Lynn also delivers training on 2 other portals. Schudio TV and Isabella Trust  (see below)         

Lynn has produced a series of online courses and has linked up with Schudio to create a platform for people to subscribe monthly to access it. The platform is called "Getting it right" 

Titles include:

  • Autism and Anxiety (available now)

  • Pathological Demand Avoidance (coming soon)

  • Supporting autistic girls (coming soon)

  • Supporting Autistic Learners (Primary / Secondary) (coming soon)

  • Supporting Autistic children in the Early Years (coming soon)

  • Reflecting and responding to behaviour of concern.

  • The Big Transitions for Autistic and SEND pupils after lockdown

  • Preparing Autistic & SEND Children for going back to school

Please email

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Isabella Trust 

Webinars being delivered by Lynn McCann from Reachout ASC ( ) a very experienced teacher who has had over 10 years experience in autism education, outreach and training in a specialist education setting.  All webinars are subsidised and ask for a donation.   

Currently enrolling people for  

  • Autism and Anxiety 30th June 2020

  • Autism and Transitions 7th July 2020

  • Autism and Puberty 14th July 2020

  • Autism and introduction to ADHD 28th July 2020

Please email

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Schudio TV 

Multiple online courses on a range of topics for families and school staff. (Free and paid)  

Currently enrolling people for  

  • Preparing Autistic and SEND children for going back to school.

  • The Big Transitions for Autistic and SEND Pupils after Lockdown

  • Navigating Anxiety and Stress for Teachers & Staff (Free for limited time)

  • Parenting in a Pandemic.

Please email

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Shine Therapy Services 

A range of webinars to support families with children and young people with SEND.

  • An introduction to Sensory Integration difficulties and strategies,  x 4 sessions –  £21.00 
    Dates: 8-9pm
    23rd June: Introduction to sensory integration and Sensory Strategies
    25th June: Exploring the senses: Tactile and Proprioception
    30th June: Exploring the senses: Vestibular and auditory1st July: Exploring the senses: Oral difficulties and Interoception3rd July (optional bolt on for focused information on strategies relating to tactile hyper-responsivity)

  •  Emotional Regulation – x 2 sessions Dates: 8-9pm 7th July, 9th July

  • Toileting Difficulties – x 2 sessions Dates: 8-9pm 14th and 16th July

  • Eating Difficulties – x 4 sessions Dates: 8-9pm 21st July 23rd July 28th July 30th July

  • Sleep Difficulties x 2 sessions Dates: 4th August 6th August

Please email



A series of free virtual workshops as a way of delivering their family support services during these challenging times. 

  • Money Matters An over view of benefits, DLA, Carers Allowance, grants available, discounts on utilities, leisure, discounts for carers. Accessing services for support with applications. Local information and helplines. Dispelling myths around benefits.      Monday 22nd June 7:30 pmTuesday 23rd June 7:30 pm, Thursday 25th June 7:30 pm

  • Encouraging Positive Behaviour Gain a better understanding of why children with additional needs behave the way they do. Learn ways to handle difficult situations in a calm, stress-free manner. Explore ways of supporting and encouraging your child and how to get support and help.   Monday 6th July   7:30 pm Tuesday 7th July 7:30 pm Thursday 9th July 7:30 pm

  • Wellbeing for you Understand clearly what stress is & how it affects you. Identify new ways of coping with stress & reducing your stress levels. Try new stress busting ideas until you find ones that fit with you! Monday 29th June 7:30 pm Tuesday 30th June 7:30 pm Thursday 2nd July  7:30 pm

  • Managing your child's sleep Gain a better understanding of sleep processes, why sleep problems may occur and possible causes. The importance of sleep and the effect on the whole family. Suggestions for what might help and where to get support.          Wednesday 1st July 7.15pm Thursday 16th July 7:30 pm

Please book via the website

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Witherslack Group 

At Witherslack Group we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to parents and carers of children and young people with special educational needs, as well as professionals working within the SEN sector, our online events and webinars will allow you to stay connected, inspired and informed wherever you are in the world!

A series of FREE upcoming Webinars include

  • Sensory Integration: supporting the transition back to school 24th June  1pm – 2pm

  • Supporting Leaders in Education live webinar Wednesday 1st July 2pm – 3pm A webinar aimed at senior and middle school leaders The mental health landscape: changes to structures and recovery of health services during the current crisis.

  • Trauma responses and the child’s brain Wednesday 8th July 2:15pm – 3:15pm

Recorded webinars also available to watch now :

  • Managing you and your child’s anxiety during self-isolation

  • An autism friendly compass: practical hints and tips for successful autism friendly days at home

  • Managing you and your child’s mental health during self-isolation

  • Home-Schooling: Using real life to support learning

  • How to provide routines in a time without routines

  • Mindfulness exercises to help support anxiety and reduce stress

  • Helping families prioritise their mental health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 outbreak

  • Sensory Systems: Too much? Too little? Just right!

  • How to manage stress: Exploring key emotions in challenging situations

  • Coronavirus and the neurodiverse family-understanding the changing demands and coping mechanisms

  • Teaching Tolerance: Improving our stay at home skill set.

  • Supporting you and your child: Managing ADHD during the Coronavirus Crisis

  • Helping my child believe in themselves: fun exercises for home-schooling

  • How to survive coronavirus anxiety: 10 tips from a mental health expert

  • An introduction to Compassion-focused imagery: developing techniques which help to manage stress

  • Understanding the stress response and promoting positive / regulating behaviour.

  • Hydrocephalus and Learning: raising awareness for a hidden disability (In partnership with Shine Charity)

  • Autism: ‘build a lighthouse’ of understanding

  • Sleep and developing positive sleep routines

  • A webinar hosted for Autism Champions Let me communicate!! – How seeing behaviour differently can change everything

  • Supporting Leaders in Education: Learning from Lockdown

Please book via the website

ADHD northwest.jpg

ADHD Northwest

Parent Empowerment Skills & Training course and you live within our funding catchment areas of East Lancs, West Lancs, Blackburn with Darwen, or our newly funded area of North Lancs & South Cumbria we are funded to still help and support you.
 Currently enrolling parents for

  • Running 2 courses side by side online, and it will be starting on Week commencing Monday 13th July       

Please email

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Studio 3 - Managing Behaviour of Concern

An extensive range of webinars, web based conferences, training and experts with FREE weekly webinars. 

 Current scheduling includes:

  • Mindfulness for Families and Staff Tuesday 30th June, 3pm - 5pm 


Previous webinars available to watch again:

  • Low Arousal Approaches in Older Adults 

  • Eradicating Restraint and Seclusion

  • There's Much More to Life than Services

  • Lean on Me: The Psychobiological Cost of Caregiving

  • Causes and Management of Self-Injurious Behaviours

  • Sulky, Rowdy, Rude: Using Low Arousal Approaches to Manage Behaviour of Concern in Children and Young People

  • The Relationship is the Therapy - Complex Children Need Kind and Slightly Crazy Carers

  • Psychoeducation: Should I Tell My Child They Have Autism and How?

  • Using Low Arousal Approaches in Learning Environments

  • The Low Arousal Approach: A Practitioner's Guide

Please email

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Creative Education 

Discover a wealth of practical, engaging online video courses empowering everyone who works with or cares for children to develop their skills – anywhere, anytime. Lots of Free and paid courses. 

 Current offer includes:

  • Be the Adult a Child Needs During Lockdown

  • Support a Safe and Successful Return to School

  • Make a Success of Remote Teaching

  • Use Simple Self-Soothe Strategies

  • Stay Mentally Well During COVID-19

Please email


IPSEA Independent Provider of Special Education Advice 

A range of webinars to own and watch for 30 days for £9 as well as download to keep resources.

 Current offer includes:

  • Annual Reviews

  • Ceasing to maintain an Education, Health and Care plan

  • Education, Health and Care plans

  • Exclusions

  • Home to school/college transport

  • Non implementation of special education provision

  • Tribunal hints and tips


Please email

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Sunshine Support

A range of webinars to join and watch prices from £15 for parents and £25 for professionals with CPD cert. 

 Current offer includes:

  • AUG 20 Understanding Down's Syndrome

  • AUG27 Managing your Child's Diagnosis Thu 20:00 

  • SEP1 Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties Tue 20:00 

  • SEP10 Annual Reviews & Managing EHCPs Thu 20:00 

  • SEP17 Social Media and the Effect on Children and Young People's Mental Health Thu 20:00

  • OCT5 Understanding Dyscalculia webinar Mon 20:00 

  • OCT7 Social Care and its Role within SEND Wed 20:00 

  • OCT14 Applying for an EHCP Wed 20:00 

  • OCT27 How to Choose an Education Provision Tue 20:00 

  • NOV2 Autism in Adolescence + Adulthood Mon 20:00 


Please book via


Down's Syndrome Association

Courses and webinars currently on offer :

  • 7 July 2020: Early years and primary education: virtual training workshop £25.00

  • 09 July 2020: Personal Budgets and Self-Directed Support £10.00

  • 15 July 2020: Parent/Carer Meeting: Down’s Syndrome with Complex Needs incl. Autism Spectrum Condition £5.00

  • 21 July 2020: Supporting Behaviour positively: for children age 3 to 11 years £16.00

  • 28 July 2020: Puberty, Adolescence & Supporting Behaviour: 11 to 18 years £25.00

triple p.jpeg

Triple P is delivered by Children and Family Wellbeing Service in Lancashire

Triple P is a parenting programme, but it doesn’t tell you how to be a parent. It’s more like a toolbox of ideas. You choose the strategies you need. You choose the way you want to use them. It’s all about making Triple P work for you.

The three Ps in ‘Triple P’ stand for ‘Positive Parenting Programme’ which means your family life is going to be much more enjoyable.

Triple P helps you:

Raise happy, confident kids
Manage misbehaviour so everyone in the family enjoys life more
Set rules and routines that everyone respects and follows
Encourage behaviour you like
Take care of yourself as a parent
Feel confident you’re doing the right thing

Please ring Lune Park Neighbourhood Centre in Lancaster for more details          01524 581280

sos sen .jpg

Pre-recorded Webinars

Remote assessments - what are they and can they inform an EHCP? £10.00
How to check a draft EHCP £10.00
Home to School Transport 0-25 £8.00
Coronavirus and SEN (an update) £5.00
“Don’t call me Mum!” How to make the most of Annual Reviews and other meetings
The EHC Needs Assessment Process £8.00


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