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One of the biggest causes of stress and worry for parents is around sleep or lack of good quality sleep for their children or themselves. In order to help your child achieve good quality sleep, you may need to look more closely at the sleep routine and something called Sleep Hygiene which is all about ensuring your child has the best environment and routine possible. 

Two of the best national Sleep Advice providers are The Sleep Charity and  The Children's Sleep Charity 

We are fortunate in the North Lancashire / South Cumbria area to also have A Stitch Different who also offer sleep advice and support to families. They have a facebook Page too Sleep Ability 





Blog Post from Sleep-Junkie on Autism and Sleep.

"The Ultimate Guide to Helping Children With Autism Sleep Soundly at Night" 

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Sleep Charity

Current offer:

Foundation Programme provides an introduction to our work and is suitable for both parents/carers and professionals.

The course covers the importance of sleep, sleep physiology, how to identify the causes of sleep issues and some practical strategies to try.

Learning Outcomes

  • At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Recognise the importance of sleep for wellbeing

  • Identify possible reasons for children’s sleep issues

  • Use some of the practical suggestions outlined

Sleep Success programme builds on the learning from the Foundation Programme offering a more in-depth exploration of sleep issues and providing strategies to explore.

It is suitable for both parent/carers and professionals. Sleep Success has been commissioned by a number of Local Authorities to ensure that their staff teams are all providing standardised, evidence based sleep information.

Additional modules around ADHD and sleep and Autistic Spectrum Disorders and sleep are also available.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Recognise the role of our circadian rhythm and the need for routine

  • Identify sleep associations and sleep stages

  • Use a sleep diary to identify potential sleep issues

  • Develop good sleep hygiene for youngsters

The Sleep Charity also offers a range of Practitioners Courses 

Please book via the website



Current offer:

  • Managing your child's sleep Gain a better understanding of sleep processes, why sleep problems may occur and possible causes. The importance of sleep and the effect on the whole family. Suggestions for what might help and where to get support.          

  • Wednesday 1st July 7.15pm Thursday 16th July 7:30 pm

Please book via the website

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Current offer:

  • Sleep Difficulties x 2 sessions Dates: 4th August 6th August

Please email

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Current offer:

  • Sleep and developing positive sleep routines

Please book via the website

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