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The following titles have been written, reviewed or recommended by parents of children

with disabilities or additional needs.

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Life on the spectrum

The Pre school years. Getting the help and support you need.

J.M. Worgan. 


This book will give help and advice to all parents of preschool children who are on the autistic spectrum. The book deals with topics such as sensory issues, getting the help that you need from professionals,education, finding local support, going out with your child, toilet training and helping siblings.Most importantly you will find out that you are not alone.

Aukids Magazine

AuKids magazine was an idea resulting from a chat between two friends – Tori Houghton, a speech and language therapist, and Debby Elley, a journalist and parent of twins with autism.

Launched in 2008 and distributed to families living with a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the Manchester area, it soon became so popular among the autism community that we decided to go national with it.

PCDS book of quotes.

The Unplanned Journey. S.Alderson

In what can feel like a lonely world at times,sometimes it takes another parent to hold out their hand and say"I understand"as we speak the same language and support and help each other....we keep each other strong.
We are proud parents working together and the world no longer is such a lonely place.
I have gathered up a collection of inspirational quotes,phrases and events in life inspired by experience from parents of the special needs community from my own on line support group.
This book will fill your soul,touch your heart
help you through the hard times,giving you hope and strength to carry you are not on your own.

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