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For children / siblings

The following titles have been written to help children with additional needs and their siblings or friends 

understand their issues and to help explain how it impacts on their lives.

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Ellie Bean

The Drama Queen

Such an amazing book. We have shared it with my child's teacher who has read it to the classroom. It is written on level that even smaller kiddos can understand yet would also be very appropriate for older elementary kiddos. This was an easy way to start a conversation in the classroom about why my child behaves the way he does. Thanks to the author for kick starting what could be a difficult topic.

My Special Brother Rory.

Ellie Fairfoot (aged six) and Jenny Mayne (Ellie's mum)

A sister's eye view of the joys and pitfalls of having a brother who has autism. Although aimed firstly at children aged 4-7, children of all ages will enjoy this book.

Children 4-7 and suitable for all children

Everybody is Different

By Fiona Bleach


A new, delightfully illustrated book for school friends or brothers and sisters aged 8-13 of children with autism. It explains the characteristics of autism, investigates what it feels like to be a brother or sister of someone with an autistic spectrum disorder, and suggests some approaches to making life more comfortable for everyone.


My Brother is Different

By Louise Gorrod

Written by a mother of a child with autism and beautifully illustrated in full colour, this book explains the behaviour of a child with autism in terms that young siblings will be able to understand, enabling them to deal both practically and emotionally with their brother/sister. This book is aimed at younger siblings aged 4-7.


My sister is different.

By Sarah Tamsin Hunter

The ups and downs of life with a sister who has autism, written and illustrated by ten-year-old Sarah who also has an autism spectrum disorder. Full of charm and humour.


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