Return 2 School Programme

The Return 2 School programme was co-created by Joan Bill and Lucy Ellis after talking about the Transition programmes that already exist for Year to Year 7 students with SEND including the one that Joan delivers. We recognised a gap for families of children and young people with additional needs of ALL ages who may need a bit of support to return to school after Lockdown for all families across Lancashire. The programme has been commissioned by SENDIAS who support many families across Lancashire with these issues also. 

The programme is made up of 3 sessions for parent carers to "meet" virtually using zoom with either Joan or Lucy. The sessions run once a week at a set time and are a chance for parents to share their experiences but also to hear some suggestions of how to get their child back in to school and how to reflect on and record these into a Lockdown Booklet to share with their child's school. We hope that by completing the booklet, it will support the school to help them to understand how the child or young person coped during lockdown and what new things they have learnt to do. We recognise that not all children will be able to share what Lockdown was like for them, so this may help these children too. By also sharing positive things and what skills have been learnt, we hope that school can use this as a conversation starter to encourage positive mindsets and thinking. 


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