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Autism and me

Since I have autism I might as well give insight on what I think of it.

Autism is basically you think differently and react differently to things, like some people with autism find loud noises or flickering lights overwhelming or uncomfortable and can’t communicate with people because it’s really hard and you find it difficult to understand how other people think or feel, kind of like me. You don’t like big overcrowded areas but honestly no one does unless you’re a celebrity and you pretty much just have no choice since people just crowd them all the time (ANYWAY) you also think or do the same thing over and over.

Autism is a spectrum, it can either make life hard for you or not affect you very much or make you really smart or it can make it really difficult for you to learn new things because it takes longer to process information. Some people find it REALLY distressing or uncomfortable to be in big crowds or to socialise with others. To put it plainly it can be just really confusing when you try and understand why people do what they do. One of the hardest things for me is social anxiety. I find it hard to meet new people and have a conversation. Some people need help to understand things like what the teachers are telling you or how to do certain things. Which is fine because if it helps it helps.

But this doesn’t mean that autism is a bad thing or a really bad thing, it just means you think differently and see things differently than other people, though to be honest everyone does. Now for whoever reads this that has autism and they REALLY hate it and wish they never had it, trust me I know how you feel because I felt the same way for a bit, but I realised that everyone is different or strange in their own way.

Albert Einstein had autism but that didn’t stop him from learning maths and making history did it? And he’s one of the smartest people in history.

Steve jobs had autism but that didn’t stop him from making millions and creating Apple and it didn’t make him any less of a human being. If anything, it made him a better human being because of how he thought about things.

Autism doesn’t make you weird or strange, it makes you the person you are now.

THAT is my opinion on being on the autism spectrum, I hope someone has learned something new from this and finds comfort in these words, and if you EVER feel alone or you're struggling to deal with autism, then go talk to a family member or a close friend or a professional. Anyway, I’m off, goodbye and have a nice day 👋


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