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NHS Heroes

The NHS heroes

My thoughts on the amazing efforts of the brave workers at NHS.

Since this pandemic started the NHS have been working tirelessly to keep the virus contained and protect the people from more infection and keep the COVID 19 virus from becoming more dangerous.

The NHS have been working across the UK helping and assisting the public to take care of anyone who has symptoms or who have unfortunately caught the virus and have worked really hard to keep them healthy and help improve their situation.

They also show incredible commitment to helping and looking after their patients because some have had to leave their families and sleep in caravans and hotel rooms instead of being at home with their partners, wives, husbands and family’s. But instead they choose to come to the frontlines and face the virus head on and combat it to help the people who have been affected by it and keep the world from suffering any more than it has.

They battle every day against this virus, even though they lack the funding to afford the resources like face masks and other PPE (personal protective equipment). This is brave. Battling the virus and putting themselves at risk on a daily basis even though they know they could be next.

And even though they haven’t been able to save everyone, the people that they have saved should realise how lucky they are and that not everyone would have had the proper treatment they received in quarantine. At the end of this I hope that the NHS are respected and appreciated by everyone for all the hard work that the brave and committed workers at the NHS have shown us.

Okay that’s my opinion on the NHS. and I hope you’ve enjoyed my piece and respect to the NHS because they deserve it for all the hard work and dedication, they’ve shown us. Okay goodbye and have a nice day 👋

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