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My thoughts on the recent events of the Black Lives Matter protests in London and America and on Islamaphobia

I, like many other people, do not agree with racism or that just because you have a different colour skin or a different sexuality or belief makes you abnormal or strange, it just makes you, you. But sadly not everyone agrees, some people are just not accepting of the fact that they are just different. Just because you’re black doesn’t mean you’re supposed to be treated horribly or ridiculed by society because you are a part of that society, so why are you treated differently? No idea. In an internet stream a man named Tobi from the Sidemen said that when he went to different parts of the world he had to research on that area to make sure that the people there aren’t really aggressive towards black people. No one should have to do that, they should be able to see the world and go to events or celebrations or something freely, not to be cautious or worried if they would get ridiculed or treated differently because of their skin colour. I am really sad for the family of George Floyd and hope that they will pull through this difficult and heartbreaking loss, but also angry that it even happened to begin with because he was seen as a threat by police and was killed by a police officer. I thought they were supposed to protect and serve, not immediately label an innocent man as a hostile without even figuring out the situation and draw guns on him. Now this doesn’t mean that ‘all’ police officers and federal agents are racist and racially profile because they don’t, most police officers won’t immediately draw their guns on people or immediately imply that you are a threat without even giving you a chance to ask “why am I being arrested and held at gunpoint?” People have rights and those rights should be respected, but when it’s your basic ‘human’ right, it SHOULD be respected because that’s your basic right as a human being.

This also goes for Islamaphobia. Yes I know this seems random and sudden but just bare with me. Islamaphobia is basically being afraid of Islamic people or Islamic religion which is just a bit stupid and paranoid if anything. This became more of an issue after the tragic events of 9/11 in 2001 when a terrorist group flew 2 Boing 767’s into the twin towers in New York that sadly resulted in the deaths of 2,996 deaths. After this people became paranoid and became generally afraid of Islamic people since they believed that Islam was the source of terrorism which it isn’t, Muslims didn’t fly the planes into towers and kill nearly 3,000 people, extremists did. But that didn’t stop people from being afraid and paranoid but who wouldn’t be afraid after something like that? But that doesn’t mean that your next door neighbour who happens to be Muslim has a bomb in his car or something, but again that didn’t stop the people from being scared. Most people would just see this as racism because it technically is racist. Here’s an example from a You Tube channel called ‘What Would You Do?’ now this is basically just racist and an example of what some people go through because people just assume that they’re Muslim because they wear a turban or hijab which isn’t even something that you should point out to someone, you should treat him or her like a normal human being and respect them, I thought that was common sense but apparently not. I’m not trying to sound sympathetic to ACTUAL terrorists and extremists which I’m not but, just step into their shoes for a minute and think. Most people in Iraq and Afghanistan don’t have access to the kind of luxury that we do. They don’t have well paying jobs, they don’t live in a stable home, they don’t have phones or computers or TVs, hell some don’t even have electricity, they don’t have access to food or water or don’t have nice clean clothes like we do. And sadly for some people in these countries, their basic human rights aren’t respected and they struggle to live a safe and normal life like most people do. Now this doesn’t go for all people from these countries cause some are lucky enough to live actual safe and happy lives, or they just come to countries like ours and live a life there instead. And again, step into their shoes for a minute and imagine you were thrown out of your normal life and into a persons life in Afghanistan, well you can’t because you can’t understand their way of ‘normal’ like we understand ours because we live different lives to them.

Hopefully this has made at least some sense to whoever reads this and I haven’t said anything offensive cause if I have that was never my intention and I’m REALLY sorry. But that’s basically it and thanks for taking your time on reading this. Okay bye and have a nice day! 👋


6th June 2020

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